Improving Function and Integrity to help the body Repair and Elevate.

Meet Rachel

When I was a teenager, my mom brought me to her chiropractor to help with a soccer related injury. Shortly after that visit, I began working for her.  It was that summer I began learning the power and potential of the human body... I believe that with a healthy diet, mindfulness, and education, the body can heal itself from most illnesses.

My Specializations

With my experience and variety of modalities in my repertoire, I am able to address the many unique needs of my clients. These are just a few things that address...

Injury prevention

Flexibility and Mobility

Postural correction

Stress & Tension

Injury Recovery

Energetic Healing

  • Therapeutic massage conveniently brought to you.

    30 US dollars

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"


Contact Me

5 Glen Road

Manchester, CT. 06040


Tel: 281.610.2920

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